Affiliate Sites Take Time & Money
Building WordPress affiliate sites can be a complex process.

To be a successful Amazon affiliate you must:
  1. Research competition and keywords to find a profitable niche
  2. Select a host and domain
  3. Install and configure WordPress
  4. Purchase and install a theme
  5. Research, purchase, install and test plugins
  6. Create a design and modify your theme

This is all before you start to add any content. Rapisite will eliminate all of the steps above and build your baseline Amazon affiliate site for a low monthly cost. Sure you are capable of figuring this out, but your time should be spent on other needs. Best to focus on the task where you can add real value: content creation, social media outreach, guest posts, backlinks etc.

We build your WordPress site fine-tuned for affiliates but with greater ease of use than out of the box WordPress. Check out the dashboard below. That is your starting point on day1 – not yur next 120 days of discovery!


Our customized dashboard with access to tutorials, support, and RSS feeds of affiliate news. All in your dashboard.


Build your own, or buy ready made?

With Rapisite:

  • WordPress pre-built with templates and sample content for affiliate marketers – hit the ground running, no startup tech hassles.
  • Quality hosting built for affiliates and search.
  • Low monthly cost No large upfront investments in built-for-you sites or software & services
  • Monthly SEO review keeps you trending Affiliates need search needs SEO
  • Industry experts Affiliate software developers, niche site owners Rapisite a platform for affiliates
  • Image library Thousands of royalty-free images to use in your website

Ready to Go

We include everything you need to start. Our niches are researched using Ahrefs and SEMrush, the most powerful tools available. Niches are carefully selected to find just the right size for success. With winnable competitiveness and arrow enough to rank and broad enough to have sufficient traffic. We provide hosting that performs and templates designed for Top 10, Review, Storefront and other styles of affiliate sites. We use the top premium software to build your site: Divi, Prosociate, Easy Azon, Content Views Pro, ReadyTables and more – all in your low monthly cost. Every month we review your site and recommend SEO and other
objectives to increase your rank.

“Low monthly cost – no shiny objects here”

Build Yourself
Research $200
Hosting 1yr $150
Divi $90
EasyAzon $50
Plugins $250
Designer $500
………… total $1290.00

You Save Money

Building a new Amazon or other affiliate sites can be expensive and frustrating. You can make mistakes in purchasing or buy those shiny objects that appear in your inbox. A typical budget startup might have:

Rapisite does all of this and more for $49/mo.

Here’s another estimate for affiliate start-up costs:

Brandbuilders estimate

Build it Yourself, Built for You, or Rapisite Affiliate Platform

There are a few ways you can get started in the affiliate marketing business. Traditionally you had two choices:
1) Build your own WordPress based site or 2) Buy a premade site.


This is still the most common approach. It makes sense for many with technical skills.

This has the major advantage of being the cheapest option. You:
  • Do all your own keyword research.
  • Find the perfect niche.
  • Get a hosting account.
  • Install WordPress
  • Test and  purchase plugins and theme

The downside to this approach is the time involved and the risk of abandoning the project due to the complexity of development and self-hosting.


If you have $900-$1500 to invest upfront, built-for-you, from the right partner can be a huge time-saving purchase.

This has the major advantage of being ready for content:
  • Keyword and competitive research is done by the site creators.
  • Affiliate design and layout
  • WordPress setup with theme and plugins
  • SEO work completed for on-page and technical.

The downside to this approach is that not all niches work out. You are making a large investment that may not work out. The resale value of an affiliate site without revenue is minimal. You are also still self-hosting.


With Rapisite we combine the best of both of the historic ways of building an affiliate site. We eliminate tech setup. We research keywords and competitors. With Rapisite plugins and themes are installed, tested and configured. A demo copy is included as a road-map.  Page layouts are all created for reviews, comparison tables, about pages and more. We provide a monthly SEO report to keep you on track. We are your partner.

All with no large upfront investment – one low monthly cost.

Why wait or spend hundreds/thousand on purchasing or building a site.


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