Amazon Plugin

#1 Plugin for Amazon Affiliates

Prosociate is the leading Amazon and Ebay plugin for affiliate marketers. With tight integration with the free WooCommerce application you can easily find products on Amazon and Ebay and post them as WooCommerce products. You can then use the entire WooCommerce eco-system to create product pages by category, create wish list, sliders and much more.

Create standard product campaigns or subscription campaigns that automatically get updated with fresh products that match your search criteria. Not just for storefront sites, Prosociate is great for any site with many products to manage or those looking for advanced product presentation to make their site standout.

With years of product development and outstanding support, Prosociate is a must have tool for all affiliate marketers.

Amazon API

We access all product information available from Amazon via their api. Images, pricing, descriptions, reviews and more are automatically pulled from Amazon. To stay in compliance with your Amazon affiliate agreement you must access pricing and other information via the api. With Prosociate you will always have up to date pricing and stay in Amazon’s good graces.


The heart of Prosociate is the tight integration with WooCommerce.  As WooCommerce products you also can use all of the add-ons for WooCommerce like; sliders, wishlists, masonry layouts, categories and more. If you use the add to cart feature you also will get a 90 day cookie for the items users transfer to their Amazon cart.


Why limit your self to just the US Amazon site. Prosociate will let you redirect your visitors to their closest Amazon site based on their browser geographic location. You can enroll in many Amazon markets besides Don’t loose sales and visitors based on their location.

Easy to Use

Easy to install. Easy to use. You will be productive inminutes. Prosociate can search by category, price keyword even dedicated book searching.

SEO Optimized

Auto generated “Product” Microdata and API Link generation for complete Optimization of your Amazon Products for the most out of the box search engine optimized plugin for Amazon anywhere!

Updated Products

Your products will auto update with the latest pricing data and content to keep you in Amazon’s good graces, plus, add new products to your site on auto as they are added to Amazon based on Your requirements!

Prosociate Pricing

Limited-Time-OfferFree Ebay

Free Prosociate Ebay Edition. Just like Prosociate for Amazon the Ebay edition lets you search for products, build campaigns,change product descriptions, etc.

  • Prosociate is the number 1 plugin for Amazon and Ebay affiliate sites:
  • Powerful affiliate plugin for managing your Amazon and Ebay affiliate products.
  • Integrated with WooCommerce for ultimate control and flexibility.
  • Easily create galleries wishlists and other product views.
  • Use local shopping cart or direct Amazon links.
  • Automatic price updates and dynamic product feeds.
  • Build authority, storefronts or other product-rich affiliate sites

No Risk Guarantee

All of our software products are backed by a 30 day money back guarantee.  For any reason.