s we prepare for the next release of Prosociate, it is a good time to review the current capabilities and direction of Prosociate. When¬†Prosociate 2.0 came to¬†market in early 2014 (which is a few decades of Internet time) Prosociate broke new ground in the Amazon site building domain. People built storefronts and large collections of Amazon products that were automatically updated. These sites were often paired with an exact match domain (emd). They ranked well and the owners made great commissions. A few Google updates later and much changed. Google’s updates focused on authority with your niche. Quality and length of reviews and other content became key. EMDs have lost all of their search value. Perhaps 2 or 3 word emd domains get a slight benefit but there is now no value in naming your site “bestcamerandsmartphones.com”” etc. Thin content sites are also penalized and rank poorly, Amazon themselves will not approve sites that are simply catalogs of their products for the same reason. Now Google ranks niche sites by how much value they add to their reader, not by quantity of content. With Prosociate 3.0 we moved beyong the catalog/storefront and into the niche affiliate space.

Prosociate 3.0 has a number of features specifically designed to help you build a segment dominating Amazon Associate niche site:

Product Search

One of the key values you can add to your niche is thorough product selection. As the expert in your target market, readers will appreciate you presenting them with best of breed products. If you simply post the first few hundred products from a simple search you are adding no value. With millions of products you need robust searching and filtering. With 3.0 you can search by:

  • Category/sub-category
  • Keyword
  • Manufacturer
  • Title
  • New vs. Used
  • Price range
  • Minimum % off (sale pricing)
  • Brand
  • Only Amazon products
  • Only Available products
  • ASIN


This has great benefit to you the niche affiliate marketer allowing you to find the perfect products of value to your customers.

Content Spinning

Content spinning is certainly controversial in the age of content marketing. Though I am often amazed the applications people find for Prosociate. Often used mainly by the same types of marketers that use pbn and other grey-hat techniques. With 3.0 we added both built-in spinning and an integration with SpinRewriter for those who have licensed that product. If you have large number of Amazon products in relationship to your other content, it certainly makes sense to rewrite the Amazon descriptions to avoid being at risk for a thin content. penalty. Spinning can be a tool in the process. The benefits here include: avoiding thin content penalties and providing a baseline to rewrite product descriptions from.

Product Presentation

So now you have found the best products for your niche. You need to present them to your users in a way that converts well. Again if you depend on Google Search to drive customers to your site, simply displaying a large catalog of products will no longer cut it. This is where the power of WooCommerce comes into play. Recall that Prosociate turns the products that you discovered with Prosociate into WooCommerce Products. This is what you are presenting to your customers. WooCommerce has a huge assortment of add-ons that will display your products in the most elegant and saleable ways. We prepared a short video that has some beginning tips in this area:


Product Updating

In order to display prices on your site you need to use the Amazon api and keep the prices and quantity  updated. Prosociates does this for you with cron jobs.  This is more than a benefit, it is a requirement if you want to display product pricing.


Amazon is certainly the 500 pound Gorilla in the affiliate product space. I can’t imagine an affiliate site without Amazon. Diversity, and breadth of options though is a trending direction for Affiliates. We offer the same capabilities in our Prosociate Ebay product as the Amazon product. You can easily mix Ebay and Amazon products in the same site or even page/post.

What’s Next

In the upcoming release we will continue to add features that will let you build and manage profitable Affiliate Niche sites. We will focus on extending the capabilities above and a few new surprises.