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bay has issued a new rate card for commissions in the Ebay Partner Network (EPN) and moving to a global model. Per the announcement, “In order to simplify pricing across all markets and better reflect the categories that are currently driving the most value for eBay, we will be implementing a new rate card that provides consistent revenue share percentages across all global programs.”

Previous Rate Card


New Rate Card

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There is a slight decrease in a few categories for US affiliates, as they move to a single commission rate worldwide. Interestingly fashion increased from 65% to 70% for the US site. Also, you will still receive a “new or reactivated bonus” but it will be 100%, not 200%.  Ebay’s official comment on the rate decreases was, “While some of these rates do reflect a decrease in revenue share percentage for certain markets, our rates are still very competitive with industry-wide affiliate commissions in the global markets in which we compete, with EPN partners earning at least half of eBay’s revenue across every category. We encourage you to focus on the top-earning categories as well as strategies to drive new buyers, in order to maximize your earnings.”  Are we seeing the start of a trend here with Ebay and Amazon also rumored to be moving to a more unified global affiliate program?

Ebay is still a good partner to have to round out your affiliate offerings. If you are representing a niche with specialized and unique items it is a particularly good fit and adds value to your customer’s experience. If you can present more selection and unique offerings or better reviews and comparisons by using eBay, everyone wins.