Registering with eBay — Campaign and App ID


roducts like Prosociate eBay integrate your site with eBays’s affiliate program. With Prosoiate you can search products on eBay that are relevant to your niche, convert them to WooCommerce products and apply your affiliate id to the product-links.You get credit when your visitor purchases that item at eBay.

You will need a Partner Network (affiliate) account receive commissions and a developer account to make the api calls.

Partner Network Account

Log into or create an eBay Partner Network account, 


After you create your account you register your website -> select Campaigns


Complete the information about your website to create your Campaign ID:



Developer Account

To make api calls you must have an App ID.  You will need an eBay Developers account for this 



Create your account and then enter in your application name and click on Create a Keyset: