Getting Amazon Product Advertising Keys

The Amazon Product Advertising API (PA API) is used to search Amazon’s marketplace via software. Many products like Prosociate and EasyAzon use the product advertising API to import products, images, reviews etc. In the past Amazon provided the keys to all site owners registered as an Amazon Associate. Recently Amazon changed their policy regarding the advertising API keys. for the Amazon US marketplace.

Fully Accepted Amazon Associate

The standard response now is that Associates should be fully enrolled. Amazon gives you 180 days to make 3 sales. At that point, you are fully enrolled.

Like many things Amazon this new rule seems to be fluid and subject to exceptions. Certainly, the easiest way is to have 3 sales. After the first sales Amazon always does an inspection and makes sure you have disclosures in place and other Amazon TOS items are complied with. Do remember that you don’t get sales credit for items you or family purchase. What if you don’t have 3 sales?

Getting API Keys Before being Fully Accepted

To get your API keys Amazon would like to see a working site with content. A site with an audience and content of value. They want to make sure that you are adding value and not just listing a bunch of Amazon products. Ideally, you will have a niche or blog site with a number of articles. If you have added any Amazon products manually the appropriate Amazon affiliate disclosures should be in place in place. If you have a site with a focus on a niche that does not feel like a dedicated Amazon niche site it will be easier. There have been reports of customers contacting Amazon via chat and explaining that they are building the site and need the key to complete the process. It may help to let them know you want a key for the free Amazon Linkbuilder plugin. This is a less reliable method then having some content and a working site.

It should not really pose much of a hardship to anyone. It is best practice to first have content developed and the start of an audience.

Without an audience, the Amazon products are like a tree falling in the forest with no one to hear. Start with just a few Amazon products and get those 3 sales any way you can – that’s the key. They do not need to buy your item at Amazon, all item purchases qualify. If you want the API before your sales you must at a minimum have a working site with a fair amount of content. The site should have an audience that Amazon can leverage. They aren’t interested in you building a site that exists to leverage their marketplace.

Sample Amazon affiliate disclosure

“[YOUR SITE NAME] is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to”